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    Nearly all of us have some sort of vehicle that we drive on a consistent basis. And, while these vehicles can be amazing options to get us from one point to another, the biggest downside of them is that they all require maintenance to keep performing as necessary. One of the most common types of maintenance that needs to be performed on vehicles is the fixing, or replacing, of windshields, and other glass. These pieces of glass are meant to protect us from outside debris, and while they do an incredible job of that, constant berating can lead to chips, cracks and shatters that need immediate repairs. That’s where we come in.

    About Us

    We are the number one auto glass repair specialists in the Portland area. We do not say that lightly, and we know we can back it up. We are a highly trained group of people who know our way around every type of vehicle glass that is out there. Whether you are needing chips filled in, or cracks repaired, or an entirely new windshield installed, we have you covered. We provide incredible service, at very competitive rates so that we can remain accessible to any client that needs our help.

    Our Services

    While the field of auto glass may seem to be very streamlined, there are several, different types of accidents that can occur to impact the stability of your auto glass. Rocks can chip, and crack windshields. Auto accident can shatter them completely. In order to fix these situations, e are currently providing services, such as: windshield replacement, glass repair, speedy auto glass, house glass repair, glass chip fixing, glass crack filling, boat and RV glass replacement, on-site replacement, or repair services, and even fleet vehicle glass repair and replacement.

    professional auto glass expert working on windshield replacement

    Windshield Replacement

    While some of us may be lucky enough to never have to have a windshield replaced, most of us will have to have this service performed. If you have had your windshield damaged, and need a replacement, please give us a call. We can use, either, OEM glass, or off-brand glass; filling in to any budget you are working with. We guarantee our work and promise that your windshield will be as good as the original.

    professional auto glass expert working on rock chip and glass repair

    Rock Chip and Glass Repair

    Windshields are meant to protect us from flying debris, so it is no surprise that, at some point, a rock flying at your windshield will leave its mark. When a rock catches you just right, it may cause a glass chip, or crack, that will need to be repaired. If the chip is smaller than a quarter, and the crack is shorter than 3 inches, we can most likely fill these in for cheaper than a whole new windshield.

    “Portland Auto Glass Specialists went above, and beyond, to make sure that our windshield was fixed up perfectly. They gave us a great price on an OEM windshield, which is what we were after, and the installation was quick and super easy. Would definitely recommend them!” - Peter G.

    Auto Glass Replacement

    If the problem you are having is with the other windows in your vehicle, or on a vehicle other than a car, we can still fix you up. In a car, we can replace back windows, side windows and side mirrors. If you have a boat, we can install a new windshield there, or replace glass in your giant RV.

    professional auto glass expert working on auto glass replacement

    Leak Repair

    Another problem that can occur with auto glass is the formation of leaks. Leaks can certainly be caused by trauma to your glass, such as cracks and chips. However, leaks can also occur from the  age of the windshield. If the sealant around the windshield starts to come up, moisture can start to penetrate in to the interior of your car. Rather than have this happen, let us make sure your seals are solid.

    professional auto glass expert working on leak repair

    “Our car was broken in to, with a side window completely destroyed. We didn’t want to drive the car like that, so Portland Auto Glass Specialists came out to us. They vacuumed out the old glass, and installed the new in no time at all. Very, very impressed.” - Bruce T.

    professional auto glass expert working on on-site service

    On-site Service

    We understand that there may come certain times when bringing your vehicle in to our shop is not feasible. If your windshield is so damaged that you cannot see, or you’ve had a break in that has a left a side window completely destroyed, you may not feel safe driving. We get that. In these cases, we are more than capable of coming out to wherever your vehicle is and doing some on-site work. We can patch in cracks, and chips, or replace entire windows right from your home.

    professional auto glass expert working on fleet services

    Fleet Services

    If you own a fleet of vehicles, that you use for business, we can help keep costs low for multiple auto glass repair. By working on several vehicles at a time, we can buy replacement glass in bulk. This helps us save on our overhead costs, which we can pass on to you, so that you can save on your overhead as well!

    “I own a delivery fleet, and we have used Portland Auto Glass Specialists for several years. We could not be happier with their work, and they always manage to get us the best prices around. We would never consider going to anyone else and recommend them to everyone!” - Kelly S.

    Contact Us Today

    If you have read through the auto glass services that we are offering above, and think they may be right for you, then now is the time to get in touch with us, and let us know. We have included our main number here, and if you call during business hours, we can always get you to the department that can help. If you’d rather not call, you can use our included contact form to send us over a quick message!