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Rock Chip and Glass Repair

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The entire point of your windshield is to protect you from outside debris, striking you while you are driving your vehicle. Because this is the nature of the windshield, it should seem obvious that, at some point, you are more than likely to have some kind of damage caused to your windshield by outside forces. Most of the time, this damage is the result of a rock being kicked up by a passing vehicle. When the rock is kicked up just right, it can chip, or even crack, your front glass. If this happens to you, we are here to help.

Rock Chip

Rock chips are the most common kind of accident that happens to the windshield of a vehicle. Our roads are littered with gravel, because this gravel helps to give us traction. The unfortunate side effect of gravel being on the roads, is that it also can create a hazard for our glass. If you are the victim of a rock chip, we can, almost always, get the chip filled in. The general rule is that, if the chip is smaller than a quarter, we can fill it in, and get you on your way quickly.

Glass Crack

Glass cracks are another hazard that could impact your windshield. Cracks can be caused be a few, different things. It is definitely possible that a rock being kicked up in to your glass can cause a crack to form. Most of the time, however, cracks are stress related. If you have a chip in your windshield, that you do not get patched quickly, it can put stress on the glass surrounding it. This stress can lead cracks forming, stemming out from the crack. The good news is cracks can also be filled in. The general rule here is that if the crack is under 3 inches long, it can be filled in.

Consequences of Not Fixing

The consequences of not having cracks, and chips, repaired can be severe. One of the things that will definitely happen is that bigger, longer cracks will begin to form from your weakened glass. Large cracks, spiderwebbing over your windshield, can severely lower the protective threshold of your windshield. What this means is that, should something fly at your cracked windshield, the windshield glass could completely shatter. And, while new glass is made so that shards of glass won’t be flying everywhere, a shattered windshield will lead to almost no visibility, which could put you at higher risk for an accident.

Repair Vs. Replace

The biggest question that we get in our shop, is should I repair my glass, or simply replace it? The answer to this is complicated. If you have the financial means, we always recommend getting a new windshield installed. While patching chips, and cracks, does help strengthen your windshield, that glass will never be at 100% effectiveness again. If you are strapped for cash, repairing is a great way to, at least, get you back out on the road.

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