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Fleet Services

professional auto glass expert working on fleet services

If you have a fleet of cars, trucks, or other large-scale vehicles, we are happy to be your go to team for all of your glass repair needs. If you are having us work on several vehicles at a time, we are always happy to offer a discount, as we can usually buy in bulk. Buying in bulk saves us time, and money, and we are more than happy to pass those savings on to you. If you a fleet that you need maintained, let us be a part of that team.

Fleet Cracks

We don’t want you to ever have to wait to get a windshield crack repaired, but if you do have multiple vehicles that need crack repair, it is easier for us to make one house call and get them all fixed at once. When you have multiple cracked windshields, we can make sure to bring out enough solution, tools, and manpower to make sure that we can get every, single one of your vehicles up and running in no time. If the crack is under 3 inches, we can definitely fill it in for you!

Fleet Chips

If the problem with your fleet of vehicles is that you are experiencing several chipped windshields, we are more than happy to help you out with this. If the chips are smaller than a quarter, we can generally fill them in and send you on your way. However, if a single windshield has multiple chips, which does happen with large fleet vehicles, we may recommend that you have the windshield replaced. While chips can be filled in, each new chip weakens the overall integrity of the glass. Thus, multiple chips, in the same piece of glass, is never good for the safety of those driving.

Fleet Windshields

Windshield replacements, for fleet vehicles, is where the big money savings can happen. If you are in need of several new windshields, we can order them in bulk, which saves us a ton of money, that we can pass on to you. And, because we are set up to be able to work remotely, we ca also bring our installation tools out to wherever your fleet of vehicles is parked. This means that we can get right to work on repacking your windshields, and get them all done in one, single visit.

Why Use Us

We know that, when it comes to auto glass, you have several options of places to choose from. However, we think you should choose us for a number of reasons. One of those reasons being, that we are an incredibly hard working, friendly team of people, who want nothing more than to take care of you. Another reason, is that we try and do everything we can to pass along savings to you. We know that fleet vehicles can be costly to maintain, so we are always looking for ways that we can help lower your overhead. The next time you need new fleet glass, let us know!

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