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Leak Repair

professional auto glass expert working on leak repair

One of the problems that can plagues you with your vehicle glass is that of leaking. There are a few, different things that can cause leaking issues and, if not fix, this can be a pretty massive problem. Moisture collecting at the seams of your window can cause your glass to become disconnected. If the moisture gets through the seams in your glass, it can also cause issues for your interior, such as: your interior discoloring, fabrics pulling up, and mold forming inside. To fix these issues, leaks in your glass should be fixed as quickly as possible.


The sealant is the solution that is applied to your windshield to hold it in place. This is usually applied to, both, the front and back windshields. After we order the correct windshield for you, we apply the sealant to the edges, before lifting your glass and putting in place to set, and dry. While sealant bonds rather quickly, it will need some extended time to dry completely. This is why, after you pick up your vehicle, you may notice blue tape holding the windshield in place. This doesn’t mean that anything is wrong, it is simply a precaution. Sealant is what forms an impenetrable bond; preventing moisture leakage.


Along with the sealant, there are typically rubber pieces that help to form a double bond around vehicle glass. You can usually see these rubber pieces on the side windows, at the top, and bottom. The top rubber helps to grip the window when its up, forming a seal. The bottom rubber helps to make sure that water, and debris, doesn’t get inside your door, when it drips down the window glass. If your rubber is aging, or torn, it is not doing the job it should be doing. In order to fix this, we can replace your rubber pieces for you.


If your windshield is cracked, there is no longer an air tight bond being formed between the glass and your vehicle. This crack is a fantastic entry point for moisture and, should it rain, it can allow moisture to collect inside your vehicle. This can lead to a host of issues, and for this reason, cracks should be fixed right away. If your windshield becomes cracked, we can try to preemptively repair the crack. If the crack is too big for us to patch, we may need to go ahead and replace your windshield, entirely.

Moisture Inside

If your sealant, rubber, or windshield are broken, moisture will find its way in to your vehicle. These leaks can cause some major issues for you. Water can cause your interior fabric to discolor and come apart. Water being stuck inside your vehicle can also cause mold to begin to grow, which can be unsightly and dangerous to breathe. Either way, moisture inside your vehicle can lead to problems that require more money to fix, or in some extreme cases, could lead to needing all new parts.

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