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About Our Business

professional auto glass experts during work

We don’t like to come off conceited, but we want to be honest about who we are. And who we are, is the number one auto glass company in Portland. We don’t make those claims lightly, and if we were not certain that we could back them up, we would not make them at all. We have worked incredibly hard to be able to say that we are the best, and we continue to do everything we can to prove that to all of our clients. When it comes to auto glass, there is no better company around. We are an outgoing, hard working, friendly team of people who make it our number one goal to make sure that any auto glass problem you have, is completely taken care of.

Over the years, we have created for ourselves a sterling reputation. We do this by, not only fixing the immediate problems of our clients, but by remaining accessible after the fact, to make sure that everything continually goes right. On top of that, we have also opened up our services to be able to provide on-site calls, and the fixing of large vehicle glass, such as boats and RVs. By training ourselves in as many vehicle glass specialties as we can, we can make sure that we are open to as many client needs as we can find. We guarantee our work, and constantly weigh the market to make sure that we are offering the best prices around.

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